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Building with luxury finishes and ecological technologies such as LED lighting and motion sensors to reduce electricity consumption, solar and electric heaters to considerably reduce gas consumption and reuse of rainwater, the complex has only 8 apartments so that you can have more privacy, ranging from 57 to 75 m2, with open spaces, lots of natural lighting, some have balconies, others with patios and at the top there is a fairly large common roof garden which you can customize to have the best moments of rest and conviviality, each apartment has a parking space, an elegant and cozy interior design which is complemented with a sophisticated lighting design.

Departamento Muestra 6.JPG
Departamento Muestra 1.JPG
Departamento Muestra 2.JPG
Departamento Muestra 3.JPG
Departamento Muestra 4.JPG
Departamento Muestra 5.JPG
Departamento Muestra 10.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 11 19.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 13 02.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 14 19.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 14 35.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 14 56.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 15 28.jpg
Departamento Muestra 7.JPG
Departamento Muestra 8.JPG
Departamento Muestra 9.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 22 50.jpg
Photo 04-05-21 20 22 40.jpg
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