A project like you have not seen any in Tulum, its organic forms merge with its natural environment where you can live and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Atipika is a very exclusive project with few apartments with a rooftop and a private pool.


Atipika makes use of sustainable technologies that are friendlier to the planet.

00 Fachada Principal B.jpg
01 Tipologia 7b.png
02 Tipologia 6.png
03 Tipologia 5.png
04 Tipologia 4.png
05 Tipologia 2.png
06 Banos.jpg
07 Cocinas.jpg
08 Selva.jpg
09 Balcon.jpg
10 Cubiertas de Granito.jpg
10 Dobles Alturas.jpg
13 Rooftop .jpg