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3 Trending Materials to Build on the Beach

A healthy and habitable planet is what we have to leave to the new generations of human beings on Earth. That is why various disciplines such as Architecture have explored construction alternatives with natural materials and thus design new sustainable spaces and reduce our impact on nature, then we will show you the 3 materials in trend to build on the beach for this summer 2021.

For some decades now, the world has turned to an imminent rescue of the planet; from a minimal effort at home to recycle garbage to large industries reducing their environmental footprint.

Chukum derived materials

You will ask yourself "What is Chukum?" Before being processed, the Chukum is an endemic tree of the Yucatan peninsula. This has been used for pigmentation and coloring of tanned, as its resin rich in tannins gives a shade of red similar to red wine, as well as an alternative medicine use.

At present it has found a new use in construction, as its resin is being used to produce architectural finishes in modern buildings with exclusive designs. Its appearance is of an elegant, sophisticated and simple finish. It is widely used to beautify pools, facades or even interiors. The presentations in which it can be found are in Chukum Base or Chukum Water.

Wood like the color black: never goes out of style

Although, wood has always been a status symbol in society. It is an element that characterizes the primitive age where man used it as a tool and that over the years became a pillar for the construction of houses and decoration.

Today it is one of the leading materials in Tuluminati architecture, since it is part of the new face of Tulum in its period of greatest urban growth. It is the fifth element that blends into the facades of a large number of real estate developments in the area and that simulates an organic fusion with the jungle and Caribbean environment that this beautiful part of the Riviera Maya enjoys.

La Piedra, the basis of a culture that is reborn

Finally, as well as wood, stone enjoys being one of the few witnesses to the history of planet Earth and what better than the Mayan stone, where today all the memories of a culture that beats in its land, its cenotes, its jungle lie. and its beaches, as is Tulum. Undoubtedly, the use of this material seeks to be that re-connection with the living past of the Mexican Caribbean and its surroundings; It is a basic element that should never be lacking in modern architecture as it takes us back to our beginnings as a civilization.

It is important to analyze all the sustainable development options on the market but even more important is to choose a project that is committed to the environment and that seeks a balance between nature and living space, if you are looking for a place that meets these characteristics, ATIPIKA Tulum can be for you; considered one of the most promising new sustainable spaces in Tulum Region 15, visit their page or contact their advisors, they are ready to help you +52 55 3407 7056.


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