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New Airport in Tulum: It's Time to Invest in a Vacation or Rental Property

The new Tulum International Airport has been distinguished for being one of the most anticipated but at the same time most controversial mega projects that President Andres Manuel López Obrador has announced for the Riviera Maya area and that has motivated many Mexicans and foreigners to invest in a vacation or rental property in Tulum.

A New Transportation Network for the Riviera Maya

Much has been said on the subject since President López Obrador announced in one of his mornings that the Tulum International Airport would be built during his six-year term and that, in fact, it would be delivered along with other mega-works of his mandate, the Mayan Train and the reconditioning of the Cancun - Tulum federal highway, thus completing the transport network to communicate the new fashionable tourist destination.

According to information from SEDENA, the lands where the airport will be located belong to the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and are not precisely in the municipality of Tulum, as it had been proposed very early: it is expected to be built among the towns of Muyil and Chumpón. However, experts assure that it will continue to be an infrastructure work that will feed and directly favor this destination.

Mixed Use Air Terminal

As we have seen previously with the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, commonly known as “Santa Lucía Airport”, the new AIT will have a similar vocation to the previous one: civil / military use with international category. In other words, it will be an airport for commercial use and also a military base.

This is where the suspicion of those who control air traffic in the Riviera Maya area today is unleashed: the Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASUR). Previously they had been selected by the Federal Government to design and develop just behind the Cancun Airport, the "Cancun Aeropuerto" station of the Mayan Train, but suddenly said tender was canceled and the whole piece of the pie was lost.

The foregoing has led ASUR representatives to make statements about their concern about the construction of the new AIT since the Riviera Maya is mainly benefited by the services provided by the Cancun Airport and clearly this will have an impact on the traffic of tourists to area.

And it is that there is talk of an all-inclusive package in which the Government of Mexico awarded, overnight, the Tulum Airport project to the army, which includes: master plan, topographic studies, development of tower engineering control and passenger terminal, solid waste management, archaeological salvage, legal feasibility, architectural planning of the terminal building and, as if that were not enough, a military city that provides support and services to the civil airport.

Dream or reality

Everything seems to sound under control, however, it has been confirmed that the Treasury has not yet granted SEDENA the 237 million pesos that should be used for the preliminary phase, which had a deadline of June 30. In the event that everything continues as the President's plans, the airport would have to be delivered in the first semester of 2023, at the same time as all the phases of the Mayan Train, complementing a 360-degree transport network, having trains, airports and highways to connect the entire Mexican southeast.

It is very important to highlight that said infrastructure network will not only benefit the tourists of the Riviera Maya, but also all the inhabitants of the area and investors. If you are looking to bet on the future, investing in a property for vacation or rent in Tulum is a good option, Atipika Tulum is perfectly located and communicated, right in the center of Region 15. Get to know it, call +52 55 3407 7056.


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