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5 Reasons to Invest in Tulum

Every decade we hear about a new destination that "is about to explode economically" or that "such a destination is gentrifying" or that "such an area will increase its capital gain" but it is difficult to trust people's speculations without sufficient reasons. We give good reasons to invest in Tulum.

Cultural heritage of Humanity

The tourist corridor of the Riviera Maya is undoubtedly the crown of the jewels that our Mayan ancestors inherited us because, beyond having the most beautiful beaches, temperate waters and flora and fauna taken from paradise, it has vestiges of the civilizations that they conquered the old world. Like "The Castle" of Tulum, dedicated to the God of the wind, who lies imposingly defending the coast from the heights of the cliff.

Cradle of Artists and Bohemians

For years we have seen how both Mexicans and foreigners choose to vacation in this paradisiacal area. From bachelor and bachelorette parties in Cancun to the most expensive boutique hotels in Tulum, we see that without a doubt the vibes that occur there make one intoxicated with fantasy, pleasure and life. Today it is home to artists and bohemians who decide to settle their lives there to be inspired and create food, music, painting, photography and other disciplines. Hence, the famous hashtag #tulumvibes was born, which refers to a high life, free and surrounded by art and pleasure.

Resilient people

The recession that the pandemic brought with it affected much of the world but unfortunately it was cruel to the tourism sector. And let's face it, the Riviera Maya lives on tourism. For this reason, a few months ago the local economy was reactivated among the same restaurateurs, hoteliers and residents to announce to the world that the Riviera Maya is now ready to welcome the world after this great tragedy.

Increase in capital gains in the area

Other wonders that the Quintana Roo have prepared for us are the Tulum International Airport and the Mayan Train. Both mega-constructions have locals turned into a rage because, if we start from the fact that they are a society dedicated to tourism, these two new infrastructure works would bring a total of 7 million tourists a year, which translates into an economic spill of thousands of millions of dollars.

Investment Property

Finally, a formula like this has accelerated the urban development of the localities in the area, bringing with it strong injections of Mexican and foreign capital in the real estate industry. From large themed hotels such as the recently opened Nickelodeon Hotel & Resorts Riviera Maya, which is on the Cancun - Playa del Carmen highway, to residential investment developments that in the future will become the timeshares of travelers seeking experiences closer to the culture of the place through Airbnb or other applications.

It is important to highlight the large capital investment that many real estate developers have made in the Tulum area. Inguz Inmobiliaria is part of this group of investors with the Atipika project, which stands out for its exclusive design inspired by nature and the same jungle of Tulum, it is an oasis in the middle of the jungle. Learn about the project here or call +52 55 3407 7056 to request more information.


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