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Future is Here: Now You Can Buy an Apartment with Bitcoin and Ethereum

In the last decade the cryptocurrency market has climbed to the point of being considered international exchange currencies with which you can buy from a Tesla car to a glass of wine in a bar in Barcelona and now you can also buy an apartment with Bitcoin and Ethereum at through the Cryptoroof website.

Just a few decades ago it was impossible to imagine being able to purchase services and items with a non-tangible currency. But since 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto founded the cryptographic foundations of what we know today as cryptocurrencies. For sure, it is not known who Satoshi Nakamoto is or who they are, but over the years a kind of mystique has been created around the creation of the first virtual currency: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin began to trade at quite low levels but as it spread around the world it became the highest traded cryptocurrency, around $ 200,000 per unit. Some of the benefits of the creation of this type of digital currency were to be able to replace the use of currencies issued by governments and to release taxes when making a digital transaction.

As a result of this, in the last 10 years, new cryptocurrencies also known worldwide have emerged as Ethereum, Ripple, XRP, Litecoin, etc., giving a 360º turn to the world panorama and opening the doors for the start of new global digital economies.

Some technology and service companies such as Tesla, Microsoft and Virgin made the decision to include the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in their forms of payment. In the case of Tesla, Elon Musk, its global CEO announced in March 2021 that from then on they could buy their cars with Bitcoin. This unleashed a fervor in technology lovers as both, Bitcoin and Tesla, have positioned themselves as the innovations that opened the eyes of the world to the future.

This is the case of real estate companies, they have also decided to approach audiences that have digital assets so that they can make use of them by investing or buying properties. This is how Cryptoroof was born, a web application that allows developers around the world to offer their properties in a digital real estate market with prices in traditional currencies such as pesos and dollars, but giving greater weight to its main feature that lives up to its name: the payment with Bitcoin and Ether.

In general, it is a new market that has a lot to explore but it is definitely the window to the future. Today you can find a great offer of real estate around the world to invest your virtual money. For example, Atipika Tulum is a residential development in the jungle of Tulum, Mexico, which has several typologies that adapt to the needs that the current market demands and the best of all is that its commercial value will increase in the coming years due to to the exponential growth in which this area of ​​the Mexican Riviera Maya is located.

You can find more information about Atipika Tulum here or call +52 55 34077056 where they can provide you with all the information about buying an apartment with Bitcoin and Ethereum.


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